KINGFISHER Pedigree:  Founded in 1928, Huckins Yacht Corporation is credited with developing the first planing yachts and produced the fastest power boats in the world during the 1930s and 40s.  The superior performance of Huckins designed and built yachts is driven by years of research and a relentless commitment to innovation and quality resulting in the Company's Quadraconic hull design being used by the Navy for large-scale production of PT boats during World War II as well as a reputation among seasoned yachtsmen that 'Fairform Flyers' art the finest yachts available.  Huckins is the longest continuously operational custom yacht builder since 1928.   @HuckinsYacht

The timeless marine art and naval architecture / design of  C. Raymond Teller, Chief Designer for decades during the heyday of Huckins reign as builder of the finest custom sea-going motor yachts 


Before long the whole world may be consumed in a cataclysm ...You may have ten years to live or five or only two or three..What are you going to do with that time ?  Hold your nose to the grindstone accumulating more money that in a few years may be worthless ...? Or are you going to sieze such Happiness as you can, while it may still be siezed... Yes, this an advertisement of our boats.  Nor is it trite to connect the Fairform Flyer with Happiness.. From this seething embroilment there is no better respite than to get away from the Cities, the congested Highway, the Mob --- to get out onto Peaceful Waters, into Snug Harbors, up Verdant Rivers....but your boat mush be Quiet, sympathy with your purpose, a Source of Contentment -- a Fairform Flyer. "  Rudder Magazine, 1937