vintage yachting lifestyle

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' Anker@Sea '

The best of fine dining on the East End combined with distinctive vintage yachting lifestyle . . .


We deliver unforgettable experiences . . . with class and style. 

summer 2022

Order from the Anker@Sea Yachting Menu featuring bites & dishes from three of East End's most distinctive dining establishments ~ ANKER, Alpina and Greenhill Kitchen & Que

Anker@Sea  ~  An Extraordinary Gastronomic Experience

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Select delicacies from these three outstanding sister restaurants for your bespoke cruise in the East End / Hamptons...


ENTERTAIN ~ dine@sea

KINGFISHER Yachting offers a refined yet relaxing outdoor venue for ideal for:


  • Family & Friends Cruising ~ Luxury Excursion Experiences (ample open outdoor relaxation - entertaining space - privacy)

  • Corporate Hospitality & Distinctive Venue Ideal for Entertaining Distinguished Guests

  • Curated Brand Immersion Experiences

  • Philanthropic / Fundraising / Donor Engagement & Appreciation


When you are seeking that extra special, extraordinary, singular lifestyle experience . . . that is our expertise . . . 



Photo courtesy of Hamptons Aristocrat

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Private Chef   ~  Raw Bar  ~  Tastings

In collaboration with our exceptional Lifestyle Partners -- Corks & Forks Catering (Palm Beach / South FL) and Hamptons Aristocrat  (Hamptons / East End NY) -- we consistently exceed expectations. 

Customize your outing with our seasoned charter concierge team . . . 

Engage with us in creating an extraordinary 3 to 8 hour experience your guests will not soon forget . . .