SPRING  2018

The 167 Raw Yachting Experience…Featuring the sensational seafood Alton Brown named co-winner of Best of 2016 restaurant in the US... One of the most sought after gastronomic experiences in Charleston is now on the water via an all-inclusive cruise aboard the stunning vintage Huckins M/Y KINGFISHER, a 50’ Corinthian "FAIRFORM FLYER" built in 1959 by the storied Jacksonville, Florida yard.  

2.5 hr cruise aboard vintage yacht KINGFISHER featuring

167 Raw specialties…


Six Guests   |   Package includes Yacht, Crew, Fuel & 167 Raw Yachting Experience / KINGFISHER Menu:

Raw Bar ~ Select Oysters & Shrimp Cocktail

Ceviche / Gazpacho / Featured Soup

Tuna Poke / Guacamole & 167 Craft Chips

167 Signature Lobster Roll

$3,000 - $4,500 (Market / Custom Pricing Per

Guest Requirements)

"A lot of restaurants are doing it right these days, but 167 Raw and Ma(i)son are going above and beyond and getting everything exactly precisely right, the first for seafood (especially raw) and the second for old world cuisine crafted from local ingredients."  -- Alton Brown   |    Alton's Best of 2016